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We welcome everyone with an interest in aeolian processes to become a member of the society.

ISAR Membership rates

 We offer three levels of membership with the option of receiving the Society’s journal ‘Aeolian Research’  either by mail or electronically.

Three categories of members shall be recognized:

  1. Individual members – persons actively engaged in or, after retirement, retaining an active interest in aeolian research and its applications;
  2. Corporate members – institutions, companies, and organizations of manufacturers, dealers and users of equipment related to aeolian processes. Such corporate bodies may only have one individual member representing it in the Organization
  3. Honorary members – distinguished workers in aeolian processes research who have retired from active posts. Honorary members are nominated by the Board and elected by the General Assembly.

Membership will be terminated when:

  1. Death of a member or, in the case of a corporate member, when the corporation ceases to exist;
  2. Resignation by a member or corporate member;
  3. Notice given by the Organization
MembershipPrintOnlineCostSubscription Period
Regular US $ 100Annual
Regular US $3003 Year
Regular US $65 Annual
Regular US $195 3 Year
Student US $60 Annual
Student US $25 Annual
Student US $10 Annual
Corporate US $500 Annual

Alternative payment methods or more information may be obtained by contacting ISAR Secretary/Treasurer Mike Hilton.

Dr. Mike Hilton, Secretary/Treasurer
International Society of Aeolian Research
PO Box 56
University of Otago
Dunedin, NZ 9054

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