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10th International Conference on Aeolian Research, 25-29 June 2018, Bordeaux, France.

The call for abstracts is now open until the 5th of March 2018. Please submit your abstract following:

Submission prepared with the available template. On this web page, you will be asked to select the session in which your work fits best, the type of presentation you would like to get (oral presentation or poster NB: the conveners will proceed to abstract selection as the number of time slots for orals is limited), the name of the presenting person and those of all co-authors. You will be asked to upload your abstract as a pdf file, which includes both text and figure.

As a reminder, the conference will include the following sessions:

1. Dunes and bedforms
    conveners: M. Baddock, R. Ewing, L. Ping

2. Dust dynamics and processes
    conveners: M. Klose, J.-B. Stuut

3. Modelling and numerical simulations
    conveners: J. Nield, A. Valance

4. Paleo-environments
    conveners: J. Roskin, A. Stone

5. Planetary aeolian research
    conveners: J. Radebaugh, S. Silvestro

6. Experiments and instrumentation
    conveners: M. Louge, G. Wiggs

7. Aerodynamics and sediment transport
    conveners: C. McKenna-Neuman, H. Yizhaq

8. Coastal environments
    conveners: P. Hesp, D. Jackson

9. Anthropogenic interactions
    conveners: J. Leys, G. Sterk

10. Interaction with vegetation
      conveners: J. Gillies, G. Okin

Recall of important dates:

10th of January 2018: open call for abstracts.
05th of March 2018: Deadline for abstract submission.
26th of March 2018: Talk/poster selection and registration opens.
11th of June 2018: Registration closes.
25th of June 2018: ICAR 2018 begins!

Field trips:
- A mid-conference trip to the Dune of Pilat will be organised for all attendees on the 27th of June.
- Optional pre and post meeting excursions will be organised by the Polish Geomorphological Association.

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